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Yes, that's right, even I have a podcast! Well technically, half of one, as I'm co-host alongside my partner-in-craft Robyn Galway, where together we absolutely prove how you should stick to what you know by dipping our unqualified toes into the large, scary and unfamiliar world of podcasting! 

Let's be real, we are not trained in podcasting and before starting this podcast, we just about had experience in listening to them, never mind producing one.

So, why start one then? Well, both Robyn and I previously worked in a local craft gallery together, where we met many local artist/designer/makers. Often during our shifts, exhibitions and events, we had beautiful conversations with those makers, which tended to finish with us saying how wonderful it would be for other makers or even the general public to have heard those discussions. 

As both practicing makers ourselves, we're well aware of challenges associated with running a craft business, especially how isolating it can be. So, we felt there was a huge gap where most makers didn't have the opportunity to communicate about their practice and individual story - like why they make - as well as listen to others highs, lows and obstacles too.

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You can listen below or find us anywhere you get podcasts, including iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music (including your Alexa devices!) Stitcher, Acast, YouTube and many more.

If you need further information, please get in touch through the Making Conversations Podcast Website link or Follow us across social media on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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