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Seasonal & Other

Prices start from £8 

Jemma produces handmade ceramic decorations for all occasions in both terracotta and Ming Porcelain.

I only accept seasonal orders at certain times of the year so please be aware I may not be available to accept your order.

I'm not accepting wholesale orders for 2022.

Within this section: 

Love Heart with Golden Arrow Bauble

Christmas Figgy Pudding Bauble & Stingy Jack Pumpkin Bauble

Stingy Jack Lantern

Northern Ireland Map with Festive Fair Isle Surface Pattern (also available in plain)

Ireland Map with Festive Fair Isle Surface Pattern (also available in plain)

Mini Northern Ireland & Ireland Map


Bobble Hat, Christmas Jumper & Stocking

Meadow Flower Baubles; Daisy, Poppy & French Lavender

Irish Harp

Giants Causeway

Ming Porcelain Tree

Terracotta Stud Earrings

Porcelain Stud Earrings

Anatomy Greeting Cards

Braindeer Brooch

Christmas Tree - available with festive decal, festive message or pattern surface

Seasonal & Other: Portfolio
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