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Storage Pots, Cups & More

Prices start from £18 

Jemma produces handmade ceramic Meadow storage jars, finished with cork bung lids and finished with a floral sprig surface - all cast from wildflowers Jemma has found locally and glazed with a crisp white tin glaze. Salt pots are unglazed to allow sea & rock salt to 'breathe'. These are not available glazed as it interferes with the salt which makes it sweat and clump. Large plant pots come with a bluebell sprig surface and come with a plant pot liner. 

Acorn cups are slip-cast and are approximately 8oz.

Within this section: 

Large Plant Pot with Bluebell flower sprig surface

Salt Pot

Acorn 'Meadow' Storage Pot

Poppy 'Meadow' Storage Pot

Acorn Cup 8oz

Storage Pots, Cups & More: Portfolio
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